Athena Backup is available for Windows and Mac

Athena Backup Benefits

Athena Backup is on your side! Never worry again about losing your photo collection and other irreplaceable files. Put sophisticated, convenient and hassle-free Athena Backup to work for you. It will find and protect all of the digital photos and other important files in your home. Enjoy the freedom of viewing and sharing your photos from anywhere at any time. Your secure Personal Digital Vault is always there for you.

Reasons to sign up with Athena Backup today:

  • Affordable, smart protection — Protect all of the computers in your home with one account and one low monthly fee.
  • Macintosh and Windows support — Protect both Macintosh and Windows computers with one account. Photos and files backed up by one computer can be downloaded to any other computer.
  • Strong encryption — Your photos and files belong to you and no one else. We use the same AES and SSL encryption used by banks and governments worldwide. Your files and personal information are completely private and secure.
  • Continuous unobtrusive backup — Set it up once and walk away. Automatic continuous backup ensures that your photos and files are always backed up. And Athena's efficient backup technology will not disrupt your day to day computer use.
  • Access backed up photos and files from anywhere — All of your photos and files from all of your computers are available in one place. Connect to your private, secure Personal Digital Vault from your desktop, or from anywhere in the world using a web browser. You can even create photo albums to share with friends and families over the web.
  • Clear and convenient status displays — Easily monitor your backups with at-a-glance storage overviews. Innovative progress displays provide constant feedback and the assurance that your backup is running properly.
  • Control when you back up — Athena gives you the choice between running your backups continuously in the background or scheduling them to run when you choose. You can also control Internet bandwidth usage and pause your backups at any time.
  • Personalized account reporting — A personalized monthly Account Activity Report showing your computer and storage status gives you complete confidence that your backups are running properly and working for you.

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