Athena Backup is available for Windows and Mac

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Athena Backup is an online file backup service. It allows you to back up your digital photos and other files from many as five computers—Windows or Macintosh—to Athena's Internet storage servers. Athena uses AES and SSL data encryption, the same as that used by banks and governments around the world, so your photos and files can only be accessed by you.

Backups are performed unobtrusively in the background, so you can continue using your computer while your files are being protected. Athena continuously monitors the folders you designate for new and changed files. When a file is added or changed Athena backs it up automatically, with no action needed on your part.

Athena Status Panel
Athena Status Panel - Click to view larger version

Athena detects duplicate files backed up in your account, so if you have multiple copies of a file on one computer, or on several computers, Athena only needs to back that file up once. And Athena's smart backup technology only backs up the parts of files that have changed, minimizing the time it takes to back up files you are working on.

Athena Monitored Folders
Athena Monitored Folders - Click to view larger version

Restoring files with Athena is easy. You can search all your backed up files by name, keyword, date range, or file type, and then restore any files you find to your computer. Or you can browse and restore files using a familiar file tree browser that displays all of the computers in your account. Either way restoring files is intuitive and simple.

Browsing Computers
Browsing Computers - Click to view larger version

Athena Backup is the smart choice for protecting your irreplaceable files. Sign up for your free trial today!