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April 22, 2008
Solution Spotlight: Athena Backup
MacWorks Incorporated

MacWorks recommends Athena Backup for their customers.

March 7, 2008
Athena Offering Small Business Computer Backup Services

Big businesses do it all the time: storing their important files off-site so that they have backups in case of fire or other catastrophe. Family and small business networks can now have the same level of comfort for under $5/month.

March 5, 2008
Online Home Backup For Families Everywhere
Catalin Buda, Security Software Zone

Athena Backup, A new online backup service, allows now people with one or more computers in the their home to enjoy the security and convenience of the highest grade of data protection, secure off-site backup for only $4.95/month.

January 23, 2008
Got Backup?
Scott Wilson, The Cart

A review from an early customer.

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