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Protect your digital life. Anytime. Anywhere.

Athena Backup is the smart choice for backing up your irreplaceable files. Simplify your life and put sophisticated and convenient Athena Backup to work for you. Enjoy complete freedom with access to your photos and files from anywhere at any time; whether you're in an Internet cafe with your smart phone, at an important client meeting, or online at a friend's house. For just $4.95 per month.

Be Smart

Athena Backup is sophisticated yet simple to use. Just set it up and walk away and let us take care of the rest. Hassle-free backup technology protects your photo collection and other important files on each Windows and Macintosh computer in your home. Athena Backup works continuously in the background, backing up your photos and other files to our secure data centers so they are always there, waiting for you.

Be Secure

Athena Backup is completely secure and totally private. Your backed up files are AES encrypted; AES is a high-grade cryptographic cipher relied upon by governments and financial institutions worldwide. No one can access your files but you. Rest easy knowing that your files are stored in world-class, secure data centers—they belongs to you and no one else.

Be You

Athena Backup is focused on providing a great backup solution, it's what we do. Never struggle with cumbersome, time consuming backups again. Your personal, secure Personal Digital Vault is always there waiting for you at Athena Backup.

Read more about Athena's benefits and pricing plans to see why Athena Backup is the smartest home computer backup service available for Windows and Macintosh computers. And be sure to read through our online backup frequently asked questions and data sheet.

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