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About Athena

The Origins of Athena Backup

Athena Backup was created by a small team of experienced software developers who were frustrated at the amount of time and effort it took to back up our computers. Like you, our households have a mix of Windows and Apple computers used by different family members, and the hard drives on those computers are filled with family pictures, music, and other important and irreplaceable files.

We have felt the fear when a computer fails to boot and we realized how many months it had been since we last backed up. We believe it is important for everyone to have an easy-to-use affordable backup solution that protects all of their computers!

Our Philosophy

We're big fans of great software that is a pleasure to use, and that meets the needs of its users without requiring a lot of configuration. We believe that a good user interface isn't about loading down the software with settings and panels and obscure features, it's about making the software intelligent and letting you get on with what you really want to do.

We believe that it's impossible to build great software without input from the people who use that software. We're always open to suggestions and comments, and we plan to continue enhancing Athena Backup with even more useful features and capabilities. Feel free to use the feedback button on any of our web pages, or the one built in to the Athena Backup software, to tell us how we could be serving your needs even better.

We're committed to making Athena Backup the best backup solution for today and for tomorrow. We hope that we can be of service to you.

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