Athena Backup is available for Windows and Mac

Important Announcement

The Athena Backup service was shut down on May 31, 2009. It was our privilege to offer the Athena Backup service to our customers for the last two years.

IT support from Velmundi for Yachts in Greece and Croatia

I just got a skipper i Greece and I wanted to visit on my yacht Bavaria 45 Cruiser a beautiful place for a photo shoot in Greece and Croatia after our sea trip and also to spend some time with my wife. Since one of my friends is a professional yacht skipper i approached him for a photo shoot and he was ok with it and asked me to fix a place - Athens. Actually he asked to me find a place in Croatia which is near to our location but i want to go to a different place for this purpose. So i searched many places in internet and found the beautiful country Greece. I have asked my wife’s opinion about Velmundi and i have shown the pictures and places to be visited in the country of Greece. Athens - Athena - was the first to visit on my yacht, which I rented from the company operating in Greece. Greece for them has no secrets, you an rent a small boat, but also big luxury catamaran.

There are a few places which we recommend for chartering yachts. In Croatia the choice is great, but it is worth comparing it here: Yacht Charter Croatia and looking for best rent offers. It is worth trying to rent Bavaria 45 Cruiser, Sun Oddyssey 449 or Hanse 455. Some other charter catamarans such as Nautitech 46 or Lagoon 450. This is really great experience.

Velmundi Yachts Athens Greece

Actually my photographer friend’s wedding day was nearing so i wanted to give him and his wife a surprise gift. Therefore i booked the tickets for four of us and arranged accommodation and transportation in Athens which is the place that we are going to visit - Greece. I called my friend and told him about the idea i planned - I planned to charter a Yacht with Velmundi. He was surprised and excited but he said that he does not want to disturb us. Since we are newly married he asked me to cancel the tickets and enjoy the trip with my wife. But i did not want to do that so i compelled him and all of us reached Athens (Athena).